In this section we will inform you about on-going projects - restaurations etc., affecting 55 Squadron

Victor Simulator Renovation and Funding

Although the hoped for Crowd Funding didn't get approval, we are leaving this article here in case you have some ideas...


  • Barry Masefield                                                                                                                                   Thursday, 06 June 2019 

    Hi Everyone

    As most of you will be aware I flew with the Vulcan To The Sky Trust from 2007-2013. The project was initially teetering on the edge of financial despair until Ian Homer took the reins and started a very successful commercial marketing campaign which ultimately ensured the financial and commercial success of XH558, the only flying Vulcan.

    I'm getting behind Ian Homer, who is the former marketing man at the Vulcan to the Sky Trust.
    As I said he was instrumental in the successful fundraising and commercial operations during the whole eight years of XH558's display life. You might have met him in the Vulcan Village, which apart from the successful online web store and merchandise ranges, was his other major development in support of the aircraft.

    He has always been a contractor and but recently severed his connections with the Vulcan To The Sky Trust after being disillusioned with the lack of the Trusts progress with a hangar and visitor experience at Doncaster.

    Ian is now trying to establish a full-size Victor flight simulator, to be based at a location right next to RAF Cosford.
    It will be built by the same team that completed the highly popular Vulcan simulator in Lancashire.

    To help bridge the one-third funding gap, he is offering discounted flight time vouchers for 2020 through a registered Crowdfunding platform. These have the benefit of being totally transferrable, so are the perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and even, Christmas! (but 2020) To reflect any support, prices are some 30% below what they will be once open.

    There is also no risk as if the team do not reach their funding goal to deliver the experience, the platform refunds any monies paid. The issue is that there is only a limited time in which to raise these funds in order to open in January. It is also how these platforms work, with set timescales.

    The major launch will be at the RAF Cosford Air Show on 9th June, but Ian is keen to get some initial support before then.

    To this goal, he is prepared to offer 30 minutes FREE on top of any booked time for bookings made ahead of midnight on 8th June. Hence, one-full hour of simulator time will cost just £85 (upgraded from the present 30-minute rate)
    This is an exclusive offer he has developed especially for my family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The bonus time will be added when the gift vouchers are issued.

    (Following paragraph no longer applicable - Ed. If this is something you feel you can support, or even if you would like to make a small donation (again refundable if they do not succeed), then please do visit their website. Here you will find links to the fuller descriptions and offers. Do also follow them on their social media channels if you wish - the best way of getting updates.
    Direct Crowdfunding page:  

  • Website:    Facebook: @flyvictorsimcosford     Twitter: @FlyVictorSim       Instagram: flyvictorsimcosford)

  • I appreciate that quite a few of you like me are rear / ground crew and think that this will be of no interest but having only once sat in the co pilots seat flying the real thing I found it quite an enjoyable experience. Tim Butler who was my captain at the time when flying on Op Warden over northern Turkey allowed me to explore just about every flight level between FL 250 and FL350 despite my attempts at straight and level flying. I'm gonna give it a go, I can't be that bad second time around!!

    Any help you can give will be really appreciated and I hope that with your support this venture will be successful.

    Cheers everyone.


XH-648 at Duxford

 XH 648 On ground display duty at Waddington



On the Towline - the last two-point Tanker at work

 XH 648  at Duxford - sad but at last  indoors after years outside


 XH 648 - on the day of the Association visit in April 2016, renovation began. We hoped she would once again wear 55 Squadron colours but the Museum intends it to stay 57...


pic. courtesy Colin Griffiths


XH-648 Renovation Project

The following text and photos are from the Imperial War Museum site at Duxford

2019 photo from the Website of the Imperial War Museum
2019 photo from the Website of the Imperial War Museum

Help us to conserve our rare Handley Page Victor for the nation.

The only one of its type in the world, Handley Page Victor XH648 is an important object in IWM’s collection. It is being conserved so that future generations can experience the Victor and the story it tells about Cold War conflict.

Following the movement of the  Victor into the Conservation in Action hangar, detailed conservation work has commenced on the aircraft.

  • The bomb bay doors have been opened, revealing some corrosion around the doors
  • Removal of elevator skins has commenced together with the treatment for corrosion
  • The aft fuselage section has been paint stripped and the drag chute bay has been cleaned, with the drag chute doors removed for cleaning and corrosion treatment
  • The door opening spring actuators have been cleaned, corrosion has been removed and they’ve been repainted
  • The hydraulic actuator for opening the doors has been removed for cleaning and the piping has been removed, cleaned and reinstalled
  • The rudder and horizontal stabiliser have been removed
  •  The outer wing leading edge sections have all been dismantled in order to treat the badly corroded magnesium ribs. These have been treated and reassembled with some fabrication of new parts.
  • Aileron fixed trim tab has been remanufactured due to extensive corrosion of the magnesium skin. New trim tab fittings have been manufactured due to extensive corrosion. 
  • The small access panels from the starboard outer wing have been through the refurbishment process

Conservation work continues on the remaining outer wing leading edge section, the ailerons and the outer wings.

About the Victor 

Victor XH648 was originally built as a B1 model. Its first flight was on 27 November 1959 and it was delivered to No.57 Squadron at Honington on 21 December that year. 

In October 1960, it returned to Handley Page at Radlett, Hertfordshire for conversion to a B1A status. This involved equipping it with new electronic countermeasure equipment, improved radio and radar equipment and changing the engines to Sapphire Mark 20701s.

Following conversion and test flights, XH648 was delivered to RAF Cottesmore on 11 May 1961 to join No.15 Squadron. Flown as part of the Far East Air Force during the confrontation with Indonesia in 1962-63. On return from Indonesia, XH648 remained with 15 Squadron until it was delivered back to RAF Honington to join 55 Squadron on 3 April 1964.

Less than a year later, in 1965, it was converted by Handley Page into a two-point tanker, making it a B (K) IA model. This involved the fitting of Mark 20B refueling pods under each wing. It then returned to 55 Squadron, who shortly afterwards moved to RAF Marham, where XH648 resided for the next ten years.

On 23 June1975, Victor XH648 was transferred to 57 Squadron, also based at RAF Marham, where it supported the Squadron’s final year as a Mark I tanker squadron. It was retired to Duxford on 2 June 1976.

You can help

We need to raise £450,000 to conserve the Victor and protect it so it can be seen and enjoyed by future generations.


Nose Bomb-aimer position - used for stowing luggage in Tanker use...



XH 648 Cockpit, pilots' position - not an ideal view out for formation flying...